Asiri Surgical Hospital

Asiri Surgical Hospital, renowned for its continuous focus on technology and process improvement, initiated operations in 2003 and now is a preferred centre for surgeries in the country. Having commenced a fully fledged heart centre in 2009, the hospital now is the leading cardiac care centre in the country. Asiri Heart Center comprised of 30 beds dedicated for intensive care treatment, two fully equipped cardiac operation theaters, two Cath labs and a team of skilled and dedicated surgeons, physicians, nurses and medical staff.

Delivering to its promise of innovation and global healthcare pace of technology, Asiri Surgical hospital introduced Sri Lanka’s First PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography) medical imaging scanner in November 2011. The Asiri Surgical Hospital is geared to handle any surgical procedure and it is also the No. 1 choice for urology services with the best consultants, nursing staff and aftercare.

The specialty and uniqueness of the hospital in the specified fields of radiology and nuclear medicine, has been recognized worldwide with its research papers being presented at several medical congresses in the past including medical institutions such as those in Chicago, Seattle, Brazil, Basle, Poland and the UK.

The hospital’s ambitious investments and plans clearly indicate the company’s long term view and emphasis on the business whilst its core competency is generating technology which marks an unbeatable competitive edge over its rivals.

 Asiri Surgical presently operates 165 beds.



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