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Sri Lanka’s most preferred private healthcare brand has always been ‘Asiri’. Sri Lanka’s ageing population, accelerated medical insurance growth and the rapid shift to non-communicable diseases defines the potential of the private healthcare sector in the island.

The Asiri Group of Hospitals has been the benchmark for good, responsible healthcare for the people across the country. It has gained sound reputation, both locally and internationally has being the first choice for any medical necessity due to its expert medical care, advanced technology and comfortable surroundings which are paramount to its reputation.

Redefining the concept of health care, the Asiri Group of Hospitals has taken the lead as Sri Lanka’s most-valuable medicare provider in the recently concluded Brands Annual 2012. Climbing up 13 places, Asiri Hospitals has been recognized for its responsible healthcare services focusing on a ‘patient first’ policy and expert medical care. As a leader in healthcare, the Asiri Group has been in the forefront of bringing the best of medical facilities and features and has the unrivalled position of adding 22 ‘firsts’ to the field of medicine in the country.

We target to be an outstanding healthcare service provider to the region in time to come. With the training, technology, cost structures, and care that we acquire, our hospitals are poised to become hubs for medical tourists who seek the highest levels of healthcare for a reasonable price. Our promise is to take Sri Lankan healthcare to a greater altitude, with not only the best in quality, technology, services and care but also one that is on par with leading international healthcare institutions.

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