Retail Sector

Multi-brand, multi-channel strategy booking the top brands


Softlogic combines the world’s leading brands ensuring customers benefit from a more streamlined organization. Making it even easier to do business with us, we provide one of the most innovative suites of products and services available to meet customer needs. We operate a multi brand multi channel strategy which is focused on enhancing the retail landscape in the country by elevating consumer tastes, lifestyles and overall shopping experience; all of which have been greeted with much enthusiasm. The magic of Softlogic’s retail arm has transformed its former niche and international brand sales to a fast moving affordable proposition as customers now prefer quality and authenticity. Favourable demographics, robust economy, rising per capita income, migration of low middle class earning families moving into the upper class coupled with large scale retail development strategies after cessation of the civil conflict  is promoting the island as a ‘The Region’s Retail Hot Spot’ fuelling consumerism for a preferred market sector of luxury and quality. Having taken up many recognizable international brands within its grasp in Sri Lanka, Softlogic would maintain its performance platform satisfying the evolving consumer preferences with a diverse choice of brands, products and special offers. A milestone in this division was reached with the opening of Sri Lanka’s first mini-department store housing all our retail brands under one roof in 2012.


SOFTLOGIC, The Lankan Platform of Global Brands


Brand Guardians

We build equity in brands through brand protection providing access to authentic products with quality pre and post sale customer service.


Widened Retail Connection 

Our island wide retail network is one of our strengths as we strategically position each outlet capturing our target market. Our aggressive retail expansion coupled with continuous focus in acquiring international brands to the Sri Lankan market assures steady dividends as we work to heighten penetration levels for the brands in Sri Lanka.


Retail Management Experience

Our diverse team of business professionals has over decades of combined experience in retailing, marketing and brand building.


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